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Question: Do you feel spa or salon advertising dollars are just being flushed down the drain and not
delivering the results you need?
Question: Do you wonder when your business is going to start making money and paying back your
Question: Are you frustrated with employees who are not making an attempt to reach sales targets? Who
stress both you and the rest of the team with their negative and uncooperative actions?
Question: Do you feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day to achieve spa or salon success and still
have a personal life?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions and if you want your Salon or Spa to become more
Profitable quickly then I have some good news for you…

I Promise YOU that your Salon or Spa can become MORE PROFITABLE
With Less STRESS and YOU will have more TIME & MONEY for the Lifestyle you
desire …..
If that sounds good to you … then I invite you to learn just how easy it can be
with my support for you to create the Business you always wanted.

Find out everything you need to know about salon advertising and salon promotion to create massive success.

You may be asking “how does she know the answers for creating salon success?” Well to start with I have over 38 years hands-on industry experience.

My name is Caroline Nelson and I’m sure if you have ever read an aesthetic trade journal or magazine then you would have read one of my informative articles on spa & salon promotion and management. Unlike a lot of others offering advice to salon & spa owners I’m not some so called marketing guru who wants to sell you a program that just will not work in the beauty industry. I know what I share with my clients WORKS because I have personally tried every concept in my own salon and spa businesses. I have the qualifications, ‘industry street-smarts’ and passion for our beautiful industry. And I passionately want every one of my salon and spa clients to succeed in their business build their profits and create the perfect lifestyle that suits them.

I Personally GUARANTEE my programs &/or Business Tools will INCREASE Your Salon Spas PROFITS and REDUCE Management Stress

If not, it’s FREE!!!
You, your team & your business will benefit… What have you got to lose


Thank you Caroline,
Nelson Business Management Coaching has increased my Profit by $87,000 in the financial year ended 2009. This would not have been possible without your constant support and great strategies that we have implemented over the past two years. Caroline you have been my lifeline!

Shirley Garrett, Manhattan Skin & Laser,
Watsonia, VIC

Beauty Industry Specific Business Coaching

Nelson Beauty Business Management specializes in supporting time-poor and management stressed salon and spa owners to build their businesses by easy to follow and salon-tested methods.

Caroline Nelson is a third-generation beauty therapist with 38 plus years of industry “hands-on” business and marketing experience. In fact her family has been involved in beauty & hairdressing since 1932 owning many successful salons spas and even a beauty collage. In fact it would be hard to find another beauty business coach with more experience. She is a highly respected international public speaker, well known for her practical, down to earth style and her phenomenal knowledge of the industry. Her career has been dedicated to promoting the professional approach to “exceptional client care” and the full 24/7 servicing of total client needs. She has been described as the “retail guru of the beauty industry”.

Nelson Beauty Business Management specializes in supporting time-poor and management stressed salon and spa owners to build their businesses by easy to follow and salon-tested methods for salon advertising and salon promotion. These methods have been specifically designed through real industry application. They will help every salon or spa owner to increase profits, improve staff productivity customer service retail sales and client retention.

Since having Caroline as my business coach my whole out look towards all areas of the salon business has changed – for the better. I am personally much more confident and stronger knowing I have the support and guidance from Caroline to handle any problem that may arise in the business.

Having the salon policies and procedures manual pre-prepared certainly took the hard work and time out of an over whelming task, along with the DVD’s that cover topics such as how to increase retail sales. I use these tools to train, refresh and advance myself and my staff.

Attending Caroline’s seminars is not only a chance to catch up with her in person but a valuable lesson as I always learn something new I can take home with me and implement within the salon. I have found being accountable to Caroline makes me strive to reach my goals and to succeed for not only myself but also to make my mentor proud of her student.

Toni Lane Lush Body & Soul Pty Ltd – Kalgoorlie WA


Would your business benefit like Shirley’s and Toni’s from:

  • Improved Profits along with you learning new business skills
  • Better staff management and improved productivity generating increased Profitability
  • Exceptional Service that will encourage Customer Loyalty
  • Increased Referrals and word-of-mouth that will build the business
  • The Staff Training Programs that will increase Treatment & Retail Sales
  • Reduced staff management stress to allow time to “work on the your beauty business”
  • And the bottom line profit will have your accountant thrilled

Beauty Industry Specific Business Coaching by industry expert Caroline Nelson will help get your business running at peak performance and keep your business skills sharp. Some of the areas Caroline will work with you are:

  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Marketing Tactics, Tools & Skills
  • Day-to-Day Management
  • Create Systems, Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Formulate the Dream Team Recruitment Policy
  • Quality Team Management
  • Selling, Service and Retail Policies
  • Client Loyalty Development

Coaching encourages you to stretch yourself, make the desired changes that may be necessary if you are to achieve goals. Some additional benefits will be that you are:

  • Open to new concepts and ideas
  • Keep focused on the big picture
  • Clear about what you want from the business
  • Solve problems & eliminate obstacles
  • Set and achieve and exceed goals
  • Take the hard work out of operating a beauty business
  • More free time and less stress
  • Create the lifestyle of your dreams


In just a few short weeks of signing up for the coaching program Caroline has helped to galvanise me into action. I have been able to refocus on the business and exactly what is required to drive it forward. I've gone from feeling somewhat overwhelmed at what seemed like an enormous task to achieve on my own, to feeling confident that with application of Caroline's suggestions and myriad of tried and tested methods that my goals are very much achievable. I have coaching by phone and unlimited email support which makes me feel like I have a partner in the business!

Caroline's level of support has been impressive. She does exactly what she says she is going to do, when she says she is going to do it. I wholeheartedly recommend attending any seminar of Caroline's for a shot of enthusiasm and sound advice. If like me you are feeling a little daunted by trying to "do it all" on your own and need a competent, enthusiastic, reliable source of advice, get in touch with Caroline.

Trisha House Esthetica Skin Revision Clinic –
Dargaville New Zealand


Building an all Year Round High Profit Salon or Day Spa Business

Growing a high profit salon or spa business can seem like a daunting task. Just where to start and how to go about it can seem justtoo difficult for many time-poor beauty business owners. But with planning and by breaking down each step into bite size pieces you will be amazed how quick and easily you can turn a struggling business into a thriving high profit one. Some of the Key Areas the Nelson Beauty Business Management will assists your business growth and profit building is to train both you and your team in the ways to:

  1. Increase you customer base (by effective marketing)
  2. Increase the average spend (by up-selling up-grading services or add-on sales)
  3. Increase the frequency of customer visits (by improved re-booking)
  4. Reduce costs (by better purchasing)
  5. Reduce costs (by improved efficiency & streamlining services and procedures)
  6. Meet and exceed customer service expectations (by improved technical & customer service training)

Increase Customers by Effective Marketing the NBBM way

How well your advertisements and promotions draw customers will ultimately determine how effective your marketing strategy is. The trouble is most salon or spa owners have so little time to create an effective marketing plan that they often resort to knee-jerk reaction advertising. In effect it is just money down the drain. Sadly much of the marketing I see by the majority of salon owners is either a total waste or delivers a marginal benefit. The main reason is that many business owners are unskilled in this area. When you join the Nelson Beauty Business Management industry specific program we not only help you create an effective low-cost marketing plan but we even design the marketing material for your promotional campaigns – customizing it with your own business logo. It’s just so easy.
NBBM will guide you in the positive ways to spread your brand message. You will learn how to:

  • Create a marketing budget and use the allowable budget wisely
  • How not to scatter advertise
  • Give your customers what the competition can’t and hammer away at those points in every
  • Advertisement & promotion
  • Learn how to recruit employees who are on board with your brand and that understand their
  • important part in building the brand
  • How to inspire your team members so they become the resident PR spokespersons
  • How to keep faith with your brands promise
  • So customers must always receive more and better than they expected
  • This will build credibility and ensure on-going referrals by satisfied and happy customers


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